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The Motor Traders’ Association of New South Wales (MTA NSW) has been operating as a Registered Training Organisation 90402 (RTO), delivering training flexibly across NSW since 1996. MTA NSW has developed a strong and successful training model which has delivered many benefits to employers and learners in the automotive industry, both in NSW and the ACT.

MTA NSW delivers innovative and flexible, industry focused training and prides itself on producing quality outcomes. Our training is provided through the employment-based delivery mode, where training and assessment is conducted in the workplace using a blend of face-to-face training, technology and skill based resources.

Our model of training and assessment delivery grew out of the identification of the needs of businesses in the automotive industry. Employers were looking for more flexible options for their learner's training. In response MTA NSW moved to develop a delivery model to meet their needs. Continual feedback has led to refining of this model over the years. If you would like to provide feedback and be part of our industry and learner engagement process please email us at:

MTA NSW training is achieved within a cost-effective framework supported where applicable by Government funding and employer incentives in NSW and the ACT. Our fee structure recognises the need to provide a quality training product that is priced to reflect the needs of our members.

"This training is subsidised by the NSW and ACT Governments in partnership with the Commonwealth Government."

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